Month: June 2018

Playing Exit Game Berlin Labyrinth: Tricks and Strategies

Live escape games are probably the coolest mind game that is making trends around the world. At exit game Berlin Labyrinth, more and more people are finding interest in participating for it’s out of the world puzzles to test your cognitive thinking skills to help you think out of the box. Practically, to think to make a way out of the box.

Imagine yourself that you’re stuck inside a box and the next thing you will do is to get yourself free from there. Hints are anywhere, everywhere and it is somewhere you surely have no clue on.

You will have to think through with a bunch of strangers to figure out what passcodes, what suspicious things inside are the key to the way out. That is surely a tricky thing to do, but of course, it would mean a lot of fun than sitting in your living room with your play station or your iPad on hand.

You’re probably excited to try this escape live room game, but before that, you must first take note a few tricks and strategies to help you strike a win on the game.

Tricks to Beat Escape Game

It is definitely rewarding to see people coming out from the door laughing and chatting about how amazing the game was. As a gamer, that is also must be your goal. To get out of there and beat the escape game.

Here are some tricks to help you ease your way out like a newborn Einstein.

Trick 1. Work in Collaborating Together

Whether you’re working with your friends or a bunch of strangers, the best thing to do is to work together like a solid baseball team.

However, working together doesn’t mean standing in a statue-like form watching out for clues. You need to break out and search for clues altogether.

Trick 2. What You See is What You Say

This trick must be the most helpful trick to do. You say what you see, anything that you see may be a clue- or maybe not, but it should be giving clues.

Trick 3.  Work as Fast as You Can

An hour inside an escape room may seem like a plenty of time, but what if you are only given half an hour to do so? Either way, you must work as fast as you can from the second it begins even to the last 3 seconds. Every second count.

Trick 4.  Think Like Engineers

Think like you are a newborn Einstein on 2018. The key to winning is to assume like you are some kind of Hollywood actor shooting for the best movie scene of all time.

Engineers are like the smartest people when solving for proportion and all those calculating kinds of stuff. If you’re going to act and think like one, you are definitely going to beat the game with ease.

Book and Play

There you have it. It’s definitely time to spice up good comfortable clothes to the exit game berlin labyrinth.  Just remember the few tricks I made for you to enjoy your labyrinth experience in the smartest and definitely exciting way.

Head on to to book your room and play.