Month: December 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Playing The Sims 3

Many players love The Sims 3 because of its huge capabilities. What makes it enticing is its completely virtual world where possibilities for fun are never-ending. It is time that you experience what it feels like playing The Sims 3.

As a beginner, you must know things before sims 3 download. This is to complete your Sims 3 experience. To help you get settled, here’s a guide:

Know the goal/objective of The Sims 3

In The Sims 3, you generally define the goal. When you make a Sim, you choose a lifetime wish. This wish will determine to some degree how Sims live their lives. Of course, there are other goals, which can be found by accomplishing player-made challenges.

Learn how to create a Sim

After loading the neighborhood screen, you are ready to make your first Sim. As a beginner, it is better to make it a family of one Sim. If you want to customise your Sim’s appearance, there are many options that you can consider.

You must understand that the difference between Sims comes in the form of lifetime wishes and traits. There is a selection of more than 60 traits. Of this, your Sims can select a total of 5 traits. These will ultimately determine what your Sims will be good at, how they behave and their likes/dislikes. The lifetime wish will serve as your Sim’s major goal before death. In total, there are 32 lifetime wishes that can be chosen.

This means that there are different goals to pursue. You have to know that that there are three things that can boost the Sims’ mood – favorite food, music, and color.

Playing The Sims 3

How to build the house

You need to enter build mode through F3. Initially, you can make four walls and give the Sim a decent room to live. For buying kinds of stuff like furniture, enter buy mode through F2. If you start with a small house, do not worry because you can always resize it later.

Do not forget to put carpets on the floor. You can also put wallpaper walls, which can ensure that your Sim stays comfortably. Put doors, windows, and roof. These things can ensure that the style will look good.

Know how to buy

As mentioned, you enter buy mode through F2. When your Sim is just starting, decorations are not really needed. However, you need to ensure that you provide the house with kitchen (counters, refrigerator, sink, oven, smoke detector, and dining set), bathroom (toilet, sink, shower, and tub), bedroom (bed and cabinets), and living room (entertainment set and sofa).

Get started

After building a house, you are ready to play the game. Since you are completely new to the Sims 3, it is prudent that you consider the conventional route and join a career track with your Sim.

Depending on the traits of your Sim, it is wise to select a career that is suited to them. To find a job, you should press the “M” key. You will be directed to the map screen. There, you will see many red icons. You can start applying for a job at these places.

Admiring facts you can avail by employing golf hitting net

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This might be the primary benefit you can avail with the golf hitting net. Once you build confidence and belief with this, next you might be in search of the best and durable net. The Spornia Golf Practice Net has been in practice since many years. Read on the session to get some perks you would attain on employing and practicing with the golf hitting net.

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This not only aids the novice, but even the experienced players can start practicing their unique style of hitting the target. Making practice to achieve would certainly let you enjoy more. This would be the best assistance and you can achieve more with this.

How to Shop for Outdoor Playground Equipment Smartly

Playing outdoor is not only fun for kids but it also promotes physical fitness. When kids play, they are learning movement control, which will develop their motor and balancing skills. Simultaneously, kids are building stronger muscles, improving their bone density and boosting heart and lung function.

With this, it is crucial that you take your kids to the playground. You can encourage outdoor play if you consider replicating outdoor playground equipment in your yard. If you decide to replicate the playground experience in your yard, it is important that you know how to choose the right one.

Here’s how to shop smartly:

Think about the future

There are many play sets available – some are cheap, some are expensive. When it comes to deciding, be sure to buy a play set that will suit your child’s needs in the future. This means you have to consider how he/she will grow and change over the next few years. Simply put, buy something that he/she will be able to use for a long time.

Conduct playground audit

Before you start looking for outdoor playground equipment for sale, it is imperative that you conduct playground audit. In the audit, you should look into the size of the play space, the number of children who will be using the playground, the ages of the children and if there are any special needs to be considered when selecting equipment.

Choose the classics

You should understand that children like traditional things. In fact, they will be happy with the classics like swings, gliders, and jumps. Instead of buying rock-climbing walls and other fads, it is better to stick to the basics or classics because they will be just as happy and entertained.

Set the budget

The equipment is only a part of your budget. When you set a budget, you should also consider the condition of your playground space not to mention professional installation and other associated costs. If budget is an issue, there is no reason to back out now. The prudent thing to do is to consider completing the project in phases.

Get a wood

When you set the budget, you should consider one factor – the material of the play set. Experts suggest that you get good wood. If you choose wood, you should invest in cedar or redwood instead of pine, fir or spruce. The good thing about cedar and redwood is they do not have chemicals added, which makes it safer for children. Cedar and redwood also resist rot or damage and hold up better over time. Cedar is more affordable compared to redwood though.

Know the numbers

You should also be aware of the numbers. If you choose wood, the average lifespan of a properly maintained play set is 7-10 years. You should also know the ground cover needed to protect your child in case of a fall, which is 6-12 inches of depth. Moreover, the ground coverage that it should extend beyond the edges of the equipment is 6 feet.

After installing, you should think about the safety and maintenance of the play set. The key here is to inspect the play set regularly.