Day: March 19, 2019

Hunting and hunters – about the current hunting activity

The study of any feature connected to the hunting 먹튀 action has to create from the information of what is careful by “hunting”, and for this, in this case, an attempt has been complete to unite the speeches shaped connecting the hunter cluster itself and the outside understanding of the researcher. This study is part of an ethnographic learn procedure; with the piece of writing propose a first move toward to the theme.


The study of any feature connected to the hunting action have to create from the information of what it is careful “hunting”, and, in this case, an effort has been made to conjugate the discourse by a collection of hunters with the exterior understanding by the canvasser. This analysis constitutes a process of ethnographic study, a preliminary approach to the subject.


The current hunting activity happens to be one of the fields with less research production in the Spanish cultural anthropology. Despite its relevance, interest and attractiveness, few strictly anthropological works address it in a rigorous manner (1). It is not the same in other social disciplines that have approached the subject from different perspectives, even without being major research lines, which present strictly ethnographic works with information and interpretation guides that are as useful as they are necessary. Interdisciplinary is in this fundamental sense, not only in what refers to historical, geographical, sociological or legal studies, to mention some branches of knowledge, but also from works coming from the natural sciences, which imbricate the social fact in the physical and biological framework, and that provides the possibility of a complex vision of the phenomenon.

Hunting and hunters

From an ethnographic point of view, hunting has a whole series of incentives, in addition to the social and economic relevance of the activity, which makes it susceptible to in-depth studies from anthropology. But it is not only the knowledge of the activity itself, its history, its evolution and its current situation, but also its study allows reflection and theoretical construction. Among others, the fact of the consideration of “natural space” as “socially constructed space” could be mentioned, and relate this traditional analysis to the fact of environmental globalization. The human alteration of the territory and the change of activity in the rural environment, the environmental determination of human behavior based on the relationship with a social determination, the commercialization and domestication of the

Hunting is a discipline that encompasses many actions:

   It starts not at the time when you step on the field with the shotgun, but at the time when you think of going hunting somewhere, to try to kill a certain species And with a certain modality, it is at that moment, when we really started to hunt, because at that moment we started to taste the game .