5 Golf Tips For Newbies

Golf is a recreational game usually played by elite class people as it needs the right kind of equipment and place to play. What you really need to make a good start in this game is a good focus, a great golf ground, and the best accessories.  There are various brands popular among golf enthusiasts who look for custom built accessories. This game is great for socializing, enjoying with friends, and even getting some exercise. Let’s keep the competition out of the count.

While there are many golf shops who offer to rent, but it is advised to get your own equipment and get it custom fitted according to your size and height. The reason custom fitted golf clubs are mostly preferred by experienced golf enthusiasts is because they help to improve one’s game by as many as five strokes per round. Not only that, you can easily hit longer and more accurate shots.

Here are five golf tips for newbies in the golf ground:

The Dress

What to wear while going for golfing? Maybe you have never thought about it like this or may have thought of playing golf in your jeans and t-shirt. But if you are planning to go a renowned golf club as a newbie golfer, you must have a particular dress code like the collared polo t-shirt, shorts or slacks, golf shoes, a belt, and socks. If you are fond of a few extras like the caps or gloves, surely you can wear them during your play.

Golf bag necessities

Golf is said to be the game of kings; therefore, there are particular traditions, etiquette, and rules. Golf clubs pushcart, golf balls, pitch mark repairer, golf tees, rain gear, and coins are a few must-haves in your bag while starting out for this game. You can easily get all these accessories custom made according to your preferences at sources like Tour Shop Fresno.

Clubs are the most essential golfing equipment 

For the best experience, you will need to keep at least 14 golf clubs in your bag. The basic clubs you will need are the putter, the sand wedge, the driver, the three, the pitching wedge, five, seven, and nine irons, and the three kinds of wood. Custom golf clubs are built from high-quality golf club components.

The rule with a ball 

If you start the game with a ball you have to finish a hole with it.  You can change a ball between holes but not during a hole. Well, this seems to be a little complicated but all will be cleared to you during the training.

Is Golf hard to learn? 

Learning golf requires patience and mental stability. It is a recreational game, therefore, better you do not see it as competition. For beginners, it may seem to be terribly hard. But if you get the proper guidance from the coach surely you can play the game well. And with regular practice, you can learn the art of five strokes per round easily.

Although you are a newbie still you surely need all required equipment for a bright golfing future.