In India too, there was a famous scandal called the CRONJE AFFAIR, where a bookmaker was raised finger to illegally book a match.

Know More About The Sports Betting

The culture which have been running its course since professional game was invented is sports betting. Sports betting can be simply defined as placing a bet upon the outcome or gameplay of a particular gaming event. There are varied types of sports betting ranging from athletic to non-athletic and even non-human. Such vast range of choices and probabilities has given rise to a number of betting sensation amongst the audience at Though the market of such betting has given rise to numerous misconducts, people still opt at placing a bet upon their choice of team.


Sportsbettinggives rise to a high share of wagers amongst the bettor and the matchmaker. Such intricate formulas often invite audiences and others to try out their luck upon the various outcomes of a game. By mentioning games, it is not only meant a game played in a field indoor or outdoor but anything and everything that can be bet upon such as live shows results, award ceremonies etc.

1.The Bookmaker

Most of the betting in sports is conducted through a bookmaker. A bookmaker draws a line which ensures some amount of profit in favor of any better. Usually the bookmaker is profitable in any sorts of bet, thus ensuring a long-term survival of him.

Know More About The Sports Betting

2.Types Of Bets

There are many types of bets which are different from each other just for some slight reasons. These factors may vary from the number of bettors involved to the number of bets in the game conducted. Some bets even include determining future events. Some of them are-

  • Spread Betting
  • Proposition Bets
  • If bets
  • Future wagers
  • In play betting

3.Famous Scandals

In 1919, 8 players were banned from playing professional baseball as they fixed the World Series match by accepting money from a professional gambler. In 1980, a famous Vegas gambler was able to sustain the money from a betting event in an NFL game due to his knowledge of loopholes in the rules and regulations of betting. In India too, there was a famous scandal called the CRONJE AFFAIR, where a bookmaker was raised finger to illegally book a match.


Although the culture of betting in sports from is as old as the sports itself, the culture got same treatment such as rules and restrictions in order to maintain the dignity of the culture. This offers individuals to be more connected and feel more intense and the pressure of the match upon their own shoulders. Thus, every bet also plays an important role for the person and the players as the outcome of the match can impact both of them.