Month: October 2021

Knowing the Various Benefits of Playing Daily Fantasy Football

Some think that daily fantasy sports are a form of gambling. In a way, it is. But instead of basing purely on a game of chance, it’s primarily based on a game of skill. That’s why it’s exempted from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 (UIGEA). It’s a loophole that Nigel Eccles found, the founder of FanDuel, one of the biggest service providers of Daily Fantasy Sports.

Quick Explanation of DFS

Daily Fantasy Sports is a subset of Fantasy Sports. But instead of running for an entire season, DFS only runs for a shorter-term period, like a single day or a week. So it’s easier and faster for players to win real money. It starts with players choosing a roster of athletes. If you don’t know how, then you can use a Draftkings Optimizer for those who want to play with DraftKings. For example, you’re playing with NHL athletes. You can utilize an NHL Draftkings Optimizer to help you choose your roster. After that, you can select a contest upon which you can earn points based on the players’ performance.

Draftkings Optimizer

Great Alternative to Online Sports Gambling

Since sports betting is illegal in many states in the United States, the best way you can keep yourself busy is through Daily Fantasy Sports. Here, you can enter a contest, create your roster of professional athletes, and collect your winnings if you win. It will keep you busy, when compared to sports betting that can get you in trouble with the authorities. Of course, some luck is involved for your team to win. But many players will tell you that it depends on the skill of the athlete and that there’s a reason why the same team owners are still on the top of the standing for many seasons.

Not Time-Consuming

Fantasy Sports is time-consuming since you will have to wait for the entire season to finish before you can check if you have won. Aside from that, you will have to worry about athletes getting injured. But with Daily Fantasy Sports, you can enter a one-day contest or one that runs for a week long. That means winning real money is consistent, as opposed to waiting for a few months before you can get your winnings. That’s why many players see DFS as another way to make money. But they have to make sure to choose the best players to not waste their money.

Wide Variety of Sports

When Daily Fantasy Sports gained more recognition, support, and sponsorship from different sports teams, players can now choose from a wide variety of teams to add to their roster. Some examples are NBA, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, MLB, PGA, and more! You can create the team of your dreams, and you can play in a shorter-term period. As a result, you have more chances of playing your different sports.