Day: March 10, 2022

Check out these Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore

Muay Thai is widely known as a traditional martial art that originated in Thailand. It exists for centuries and is one of the most famous combat sports in Asia. The Muay Thai training includes mental focus, physical exercise, and self-defense skills. Some of the benefits of practicing this sport are strengthening your muscles. Also, weight loss, building up stamina, and many more.

The basic posture of Muay Thai in Singapore begins with the chin tucked in, the body kept upright, hands held in a high guard position. And feet positioned about shoulder-width apart. Once you’re searching for a Muay Thai gym in Singapore, below are some of the best lists of Muay Thai training centers. There are many options available for Muay Thai gyms. However, Matrix MMA offers one of the best Muay Thai gym in Singapore.

Check out the great Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore

  • Juggernaut Fight Club
  • Juggernaut Fight Club, a leading combat gym in Singapore. It is all about real fitness with a demonstrated track record of improving some of developing some of Singapore’s top fighters. Aside from Muay Thai, it also offers MMA, wrestling, and BJJ lessons.
  • Evolve MMA
  • It is named as the #1 top martial arts organization in Fox Sports, CNN, Yahoo! Sports, and many more. Evolve MMA is Asia’s foremost championship brand for martial arts. It has mostly the number of World Champions on the planet with more than 1,000 years of collective championship experience. Evolve MMA has the broadest and most extensive class schedules in Asia.

To find out more about their Muay Thai classes in Singapore, contact Matrix MMA today.

  • Onyx MMA
  • Because of its foundation, Onyx MMA has to lengthen its network of Muay Thai in Singapore opening branches at Tampines at Yishun. Onyx’s commitment to martial arts is unending, this is ideal for fighters searching to enhance the game. Also, for the beginners looking for excellent coaches to learn the sport.
  • Matrix MMA
  • Matrix MMA offers real mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and grappling classes. The MMA classes include takedowns, pound and ground training, wall wrestling. They are perfect for students interested in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing.
  • JR Muay Thai
  • JR Muay Thai has settled itself as a credible choice for those looking for a reputable and safe boxing gym in Singapore. By establishing a lot of gyms across the city.
  • The Jungle MMA
  • The Jungle comprises a wide range of training, this includes Muay Thai lessons. Their sessions are made to be engaging, dynamic, exciting, and energetic.