Month: August 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Golf

Golf is a precision sport that is enjoyed by millions of beginners, novices and experts alike around the world. The sport originates to 15th-century Scotland; although, it was banned as a sport by James II back in 1457 because it was supposedly a distraction to those wanting to learn or play archery! Bannings aside, this popular sport spread to England and eventually to the rest of the world, where many people enjoy playing the sport either in their spare time or professionally. Some lucky folks even get to play in very inviting settings as the photograph above shows!

If you have considered playing golf, but you still can’t decide whether you should give it a go or not, here are 6 reasons to help convince you to do so!

It’s A Great Game To Play With Friends And Family Members

Let’s face it; most games involve an element of competition. But if you don’t particularly fancy being barged or kicked out of the way as you do in many contact sports, you should seriously consider a gentle game of golf instead!

It’s A Great Way To Exercise

Considering the average length of a golf course works out to be around 4 miles or so, there is plenty of scope for those of you looking to lose some weight whilst learning a really fun sport! But don’t worry, there is no running involved so even those averse to fitness regimes can breathe a sigh of relief!

It’s A Sport That Can Be Played By People Of All Ages

Certain sports can only be played by younger people or those in perfect physical health, but the great thing about golf is that it can be played young people, middle-aged people or even the elderly; it really is a sport that can be enjoyed by all! Just make sure that you have the 714 range of Titleist irons with you to stand the best chance of winning!

Golf Is A Sport That Can Also Be Enjoyed By Disabled People

You might not have realised it, but golf is an excellent sport that can easily be played by disabled people! As I mentioned earlier, there is no requirement for running around after a ball as you do with other sports.

You Get To Enjoy Being Outdoors

A lot of popular sports tend to be played indoors (such as basketball, for example). But with golf, you get to enjoy playing a fun sport whilst filling your lungs with some fresh air as you walk around the golf course!

It’s A Great Way To Make New Friends

When you play some sports, you don’t really get a chance to socialise with other people that you play with. But because of the more-relaxed nature of golf, you have plenty of opportunities to talk with other like-minded players and foster new friendships.