Day: February 6, 2018

Why elo boosting account is so important?

When we have gone to the customer for asking them about there opinion on the Elo boosting then there are many anonymous people who have come forwarded and have talked about the elo boosting of the accounts. There are many people who want to talk about the elo boosting account. On the customer side, it is very opposite, we have found only one who is really willing to comment about the elo boosting of account and that too is again off the records.

You will find the League of Legends coach who is in the UK esports scene. He is saying that he has done one-time elo boosting of account when he was in need have to go to the Plat 5 from Gold 1 in League of Legends. He has failed his promos 6 times and then eventually he has decided for elo boosting of account. It has cost him around 15 to 20 pounds and he is very happy with the provided service. This elo boosting is done in 2 days in which he has lost one and then has won the other 5. You will get a very fast response time in the live chat.

He has gone directly to Plat 1 after the elo boosting of the account.

Are boosted individual worrying about their account been get banned?

Riot Games are very bad if they find any of the sold and boosted accounts. So some peoples are really not worried about the boosted account getting banned. They are more worried about their account to be getting stolen. But after the boosting, they have not even changed their account password and everything is working fine. Peoples are using multiple accounts so it doesn’t bother them if they are losing one account.

The customer is also boosting the low elo accounts and then selling them to themselves again. This is happening from last two years. The people are buying this account when they are unranked for about 20 pounds and then double it up when this account is reaching the Plat 5 level. It just takes 2 weeks to do this. It also depends on how much you want to play on that account. These people are doing it not for the money but because they are having a lot of free time.

The selling of the account to outsider happens only to the real-life friends or the people who are from a reliable source and we actually know them personally. There are many people who do not like to buy from the sites. There are many anonymous US advisors who is happily offering the advice to the people who are thinking for the elo boosting of the account.