Month: June 2019

Athlete’s Plate: Ways You Can Save Time From Preparing Your Meal

There are athletes who don’t find the chance to ready their meals ahead. If you do not dread meal preparation, there are a lot of options to help you with meal prep and save you a lot of time! No matter what you are training for, there is a tip or two below for you. Here are tips for every athlete, endurance athletes and strength athletes.

  • Measure up! Measure a cup of frozen fruit servings for your smoothies each week. Add spinach or wheatgrass cubes in a reusable plastic bag and add protein powder if you have on your juice for a convenient post-workout fuel.
  • Get scrappy, save leftovers. Even if you think that leftovers are not worth it, no matter how small a portion is, save it so you can make a super quick meal made out of multiple smaller portions of your leftovers.
  • Batch cook. Full steam ahead your veggies and steam them until 60 percent gets done, and then rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. This allows you as an athlete to buy more seasonal and/or organic vegetables while they are on sale, and have the cleanest, most nutrient-dense options on hand.
  • Bulk up the bars! You can check out protein bars of your favorite brands on the market as you can eat them at least every other day for convenient nutrition as an on-the-go athlete.
  • Focus on your pregame. Pre-soak your grains and legumes during the day to cut down the cooking time. This can save you ten to twenty minutes which you can use for preparing the equipment at the gym or doing your laundry.
  • You can use a shaker bottle with attached compartments for pills or powders for convenience and to save up space. This provides your post-workout the convenience it needs and gives you the benefit of not compromising your nutrition.

  • Cook in your sleep. One pot or slow cooker meals can be a great option for athletes who often stack two or more workouts in a day and go for multiple meals. Prepare your meals before bed so you can take on the road with you a pack of hearty lunch or dinner.
  • Do the soaking. Get your athlete self an overnight express and soak your oats to digest them faster gaining better net energy.
  • Pack proteins. Pack protein pancakes for a great breakfast or brunch on the go! These are convenient and worth making for making a double batch as they transport well in reusable bags.
  • Get personal. Add a hint of your personal favorite variants of fruit and vegetables to your meals. Peel and pack in your food box ahead before the sun shines the next day so you won’t have to worry about the time you’ll need to spend in preparing them. 

            What benefits the busy athletes most about planning and preparing meals ahead is the time they consume, less time means more things you can do. But if you are a player who does not have the luxury of time to prepare ahead because of your training, meal delivery services are always there on the go to help you with your meal needs!

Why Potato Streams App is best for Streaming Live Matches?

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Potato Streams App is best for Streaming Live Matches

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The Basics Of League of Legends Android – What Every New Player Needs To Know

If you love MOBA games, you have probably already played League of Legends. MOBA games are exciting because this is where you can be a legend and lead your team members to victory. However, winning is not easy. This is why if you are new to the league of legends mobile, then you should learn more about the basics of the game. This way, you can prepare yourself and practice on how to win the game.

Since there are millions of people who loved the league of legends android gameplay, the good news is, this game is now available on mobile! If you initially loved the PC and console version, then you would be thrilled to learn more about how to download the game on your mobile device. So if you are interested to know more, then this article is definitely for you. Let us answer all of your questions to help you better understand why the league of legends on phone is a must-have.

What Is League of Legends (LoL)?

If you are new to this game, it is important that you first learn all about the game. Going back to the basics is very important even though the league of legends mobile download is now available. League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer ‘online battle arena’ mobile game. This was published by the Riot games specifically for Microsoft Windows and for macOS. The League of Legends follows a freemium model supported by the microtransactions.

league of legends android

The original League of Legends was inspired by Warcraft III. In the game, the players need to assume a specific role of an invisible ‘summoner.’ He or she controls the CHAMPION using unique abilities. The player also needs to battle against another team who is also playing live. Also, you can battle against your computer.

If you have the league of legends download on your PC before, you know that the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s “Nexus,” similar to the LoL android. Nexus is a structure that can be found at the heart of the other team’s base. This is protected by different defensive structures making it difficult to reach and destroy. Each player will start weak but as the game progresses, your ‘Champion’ will start to become stronger. You can increase its strength by collected items and experience.

What’s New In The Mobile League of Legends?

The league of legends for android is somewhat similar to the PC version. The game has the same goals, the same champions, and the only difference is that you can have the league of legends android or league of legends iOS as long as you download the APK. This is why even up to this day, the LoL is still one of the most popular MOBA games worldwide.

When it comes to the storyline, there is no specific one to discuss, just like in the PC version. This is because the game will allow you to choose any character to play and they are divided into various classes and they play different roles too. If you have the league of legends APK download you can use one character in different roles and also create ‘builds’ that can help you along with the game.

Why Download The League of Legends Mobile?

By now, there is no question why you should download the mobile league of legends. If you do not want to miss out on this amazing MOBA game, then you should have that on your mobile devices. Whether you have an android league of legends for your Android phone, or iOS version, it doesn’t matter.

The league of legends APK is the answer if you want to enjoy lol mobile anytime, anywhere!