PS4 Controllers

Best and Essential Details for PS4 Controllers

The more elaborate ones, such as megamods, have 6 and 4 respectively, which is especially interesting for top players because they allow you to record profiles and macros. You can visit our websiteand come up with the choices.

Wired or wireless

The PS4 Controllers have been wired exclusively to the PlayStation 2, and are now wireless, even if it is possible, by plugging the power cable (unfortunately not supplied) to play wired, while reloading his controller.

In the case of a wireless, then you have to look at the battery life. The average is around 8h, but it is possible to find an even greater autonomy.

It is the wired, certainly more “cumbersome” than wireless, offer on the other hand a better responsiveness in play, and allow you to play, microsecond close.


A licensed controller is the assurance that it can still be used regardless of the console update. The others, on the other hand, may soon become obsolete, not to mention that some features are not available (the “Home” button in particular).

Officially, only a few controllers are recognized

We find, of course, the PS4 Controllers (the “official”), as well as the models proposed by PS4. Recently, Hori is also considered (for the most recent models anyway) as one of the brands with the license.

PS4 Controllers

You will understand, we have a small preference for the PS 4 Controller 4, not only because of my particular attachment to its design, but also for its features, which are numerous. It just lacks an autonomy worthy of the name and, perhaps, some improvements ergonomics level of the sticks so that it becomes unbeatable.

When we know what the company is capable of for its batteries, we say that it’s a shame not to use its skills to endow its beautiful controller with a battery that takes (longer) the road especially that you must buy the cable separately, which incidentally is ridiculously short: the wired controller requires me to play the nose glued to the TV.

Triggers for their part have undergone real changes compared to previous generations. Concave, they activate very easily, even with the fingertips, while being sufficiently resistant and precise. Some would surely have appreciated an independent vibration (as on the Xbox controllers), but for my part, we appreciate them very well as they are.

In conclusion, which PlayStation 4 controller to choose?

I’ll say: everything will depend on your style and you’re playing habits we, who plays many hours a week (well, less now than we work, it’s true) to RPGs or adventure games, I do not really need a controller as elaborate as the PS4 , which is intended especially for demanding players from the point of view of the settings.

For more “targeted” games, we could turn to the controllers at Hori, which are declined more and more depending on the type of game (like the Mini or FPS, I do not resume here). For the rest, the PS4 Controllers from Sony is very good and will suit most players, both in terms of ergonomics and variety of colors.