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Understanding Your Options: Golf Balls by Category

Golf is more than hitting a ball with a club aiming for the hole. It is a game of skill, strategy, concentration, precision, and great equipment choices. Speaking of equipment choices, you think that clubs only matter in golf. Keep in mind that balls are as important as clubs.

You should start by understanding that not all golf balls are created equal. There are many styles and models that are available. Aside from the compression, construction, dimples, and spin, you should learn how to choose based on the different categories. Here are the golf balls based on their categories:

For performance
For those with moderate swing speeds, performance golf balls are best. These balls are designed with a mantle layer that can help regulate the spin rate off the tee. It is preferred by most because it will not sacrifice stopping power. In other words, performance balls are made to do well on most surfaces.

For soft feel
If you are looking for balls with a soft feel, you need to look for low compression balls. These balls will deform more during impact, which can reduce the ball’s spin. With this, you should expect ball having a straighter and longer flight when hit especially with clubs having a low loft.

golf ball for slow swing speed

For beginners
If you are a beginner, you need to find golf balls that are cheap so it is not an issue when you break or lose them. You should also look for balls that can improve your game a bit as well as tolerate your mistakes. Simply put, you should look for balls that are easy to control, simple to hit and able to gain distance. It should be cheap and durable at the same time.

For slow swing speed
If you are an older golfer or someone with some kind of physical impairment, you should look for golf ball for slow swing speed. These balls are designed with a soft core and high compression rating. At the end of the day, it allows maximum transfer of energy thereby maximising the ball’s airtime.

You must know that these golf balls come at a great price. Its design features over 400 dimples that allow it to get more airtime. These balls are also responsive because of its high-energy core.

For high visibility
If you are looking for golf balls with high visibility, it can be any type. What sets these balls apart is their style. Golf balls with high visibility are made to be visible on any course. It comes with brightly painted colors like yellow, orange, red and pink.

Aside from the color, it also comes with different patterns. These balls are perfect for people with low swing speeds. It has low spin allowing you good control. However, these balls tend to be expensive. As with the durability, it is not that good.

Finding the right golf ball can greatly improve your play. If you are still unsure about what type of ball is best for your needs, you need to get some of every type to make sure. Practicing with every type will help you get a feel and see which will fit you best.